Monday, November 29, 2010

Nissan GTR--Japan Handmade Car Part 2

In the last post i just tell you about Jezza (Jeremy Clarkson) in his GTR beating Hamster (Richard Hammond) and Captain Slow (James May) in public transport.The question now is...How that GTR BEAT THE FAST PUBLIC TRANSPORT? The answer is....cause of the research and development done on the GTR absolutely.
This GTR is equipped with the launch control which refers to turning off the vehicle dynamic control (VDC) and launchind the car at 4500 rpm.Nissan claims that the car can reach top speed 193 mph but Motor Trend recorded a top speed of 195 mph (wow that`s fast) this is because the car is fully  handmade making each car is different from one another.Autocar recorded that the car can reach 0-100 in 8.5 seconds.In the Top Gear test track the car recorded time faster than a Koniegsegg CCX!!


                                                                  Nissan GTR in Tokyo City

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Nissan GTR--Japan Handmade Car

I write this post just after watching the Top Gear series.Today`s episode featuring Hamster(Richard Hammond) and  Captain Slow(James May) on public transport race across Japan against Jezza (Jeremy Clarkson) on a " Datsun " (They nicknamed it) actually Nissan GTR.Firstly i taught that Jezza would lose the race.(Yeah,with the traffic in Japan especially Tokyo and that public transport is including the Shinkansen,Japan bullet train)It not mean that i not support the GTR...BUT! With the technology of Nissan GTR ,Jezza win with 3 minutes to spare.
Nissan GTR VS Bullet Train .From Hakui-Shi to Tokyo...